Two videos that define where Greece is at.......

First, former Belgian PM Guy Verhostadt:

And now the response of Greek PM Alexis Tsipras.  

A majority of economists surveyed yesterday now believe a Grexit is the most likely scenario. Watching these two videos that would be no surprise.  The lack of any credible plan from Greece to reform structural inefficiencies in their economy plus the damage done over the last few months makes a currency exit and valuation the best chance of saving the Greek economy.  We are still waiting on the official Greece proposal, and the ECB has announced no further support for Greek banks on Monday with no agreement.  Looking at activities over the last few days, it's  not a stretch to assume that Tsipras actually does want a Grexit, but just wants to be able to blame Europe in general and the Germans in  particular for forcing it.   And now the crackdown on dissent within Greece is beginning:


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