Socially Responsible Investment

pathfinder global water fund

The Global Water Fund is an ethical and socially responsible fund that invests in the equities of companies that generate significant income from water related activities.  The fund will typically be currency hedged in the range of 50% to 100%.

The fund holds between 50 and 100 listed companies from around the world.  Each company gains significant revenue from water related activities, most companies are classified in the industrial, utility or tech sectors.  We don't invest in water rights or bottled water - our companies typically make infrastructure or produce, treat and deliver fresh or waste water.  

In terms of socially responsible investing, the fund (a) excludes certain revenue sources, (b) excludes companies with high controversy ratings and (c) seeks to maximise the overall fund ESG (environmental, social and governance) score.  Screening research is provided by ESG specialist Sustainalytics.

You can read more about the investment case for water here.  For latest pricing please see the monthly report on the home page here.

For more information please read the Product Disclosure Statement below.  To invest go to Sharesies, send an application to us directly or speak to your financial adviser.