Global Equities

pathfinder global Responsibility fund

This fund targets 250 stocks from around the world. We fully integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the Fund's investment process, which follows three steps:

1 - Exclude companies with identifiable revenue from restricted industries.  This includes gambling, tobacco, adult entertainment, controversial weapons and the production or use of thermal coal.

2 - Exclude companies that are involved in serious controversy.  High controversy companies can mean companies with, for example, current environmental issues and product recalls. 

3 - Select companies with the highest ESG score.  Companies selected must also meet our objectives around geographic exposure, sector exposure and equity market factors.  This is a critical step as we believe high ESG scores are a good predictor of future company performance.  

For more information please read the Product Disclosure Statement below.  To invest go to Sharesies, send an application to us directly or speak to your financial adviser.