invest responsibly......

Welcome to Pathfinder Asset Management, a boutique fund manager based in Auckland. Our focus is on socially responsible investment in global asset classes. Our investment philosophy is simple:

1 - High level investment decisions are critical. This includes allocating between countries, industries and investment factors (such as value, growth and volatility).

2 - Environmental, social and governance factors (ESG) really matter. Companies that score highly on ESG metrics perform better over the long term (and help the planet and it's people).

3 - Investment transparency is critical.   Simplicity is much better for investors than complexity.

4 - Investors see risk as asymmetric. The pleasure from gains is far outweighed by pain of an equivalent sized loss - managing downside risk, currency and volatility is important.

5 - Invest for the long term.  A long term investment horizon delivers better risk weighted returns.

We offer complete transparency and capped fees. We care deeply about risk management, governance and aligning our interests with our investors.  Please click the SIGNUP button below to join our monthly mailing list.