Pathfinder is more than just an investment focus on environmental, social and governance factors. Here are our values and how we apply them:      

what drives US:

- We are obsessive about more transparency and less complexity for financial products - it should be easy for investors to understand investments. As a result of our advocacy for transparency, John has been appointed to the Government's committee for reviewing the delivery of financial advice to NZ investors (the "Code Working Group").

- We want to embed responsible investment principles and practices into Pathfinder's business and investment process (see our Responsible Investment Policy here).

- Aligning manager and investor interests is very, very important.  Managers investing alongside investors (not performance fees) achieves this.   

Our commitment to helping NZ communities:

- Men's Health Trust (John is a Board member) see

- Arthritis New Zealand (Paul is an Investment Committee member) see

- Pathfinder is a sponsor of the North Harbour Club, promoter of the AIMES awards for talented youth (Arts, Innovation, Music, Education, Sport and Service to the Community)

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