Commodity Fund

pathfinder commodity plus fund

The Commodity Plus Fund provides exposure to a basket of commodities, and can also allocate to cash.  The fund includes currency management. 

Commodities: The fund invests in basket of six global commodities.  Allocations to commodities are based on a mean reversion approach - relatively cheap commodities have a heavier weighting, relatively expensive commodities have a lower weighting.  

Cash allocation:   A momentum based rule allocates between cash and commodities. This is designed to reduce the impact of large falls commodity markets. The fund can be allocated 100% to commodities, 100% to cash or can partly allocate to each.

Socially responsible:  The Fund invests in commodity futures.  It is a specialised fund and accordingly its socially responsible exclusions are relatively narrow:  

1 - it does not invest in the shares of commodity producers, extractors or refiners and

2 - it will not invest in commodities related to nuclear weapons (i.e. uranium) or thermal coal

For latest pricing please see the monthly report on the home page here.  

If you would like a comprehensive explanation of how the fund works please contact Paul or John directly or read the Product Disclosure Statement. Independent research on the fund is available on request.

For Fund Performance and Holdings please see here: Commodity Plus Fund Performance

Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (which includes an Investment Application Form) below.  

To invest, complete and send us an Application Form, or speak directly to your financial adviser.



Pathfinder has implemented robust processes to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism Act 2009. Steps to verify your identity, address and bank account are set out in the fund's application form (at the back of the Product Disclosure Statement).