more transparency, less complexity......

Welcome to the online home of Pathfinder Asset Management,  a boutique fund manager based in Auckland, New Zealand.  All our funds are Portfolio Investment Entities (PIE's) that invest in global asset classes. 

Our philosophy is simple.  Passive exposures tend to outperform most managers in the long run.  We adhere to a philosophy of "smart indexing" or "enhanced beta" and use rules based methodologies to improve returns on offer from the market ("beta").  We recognise that investors have an asymmetric view of risk (the pleasure from a gain is far outweighed by the pain of an equivalent sized loss) which means we care deeply about downside management.  And finally, we believe in managing currency exposures and volatility. 

What we offer is different to many other managers in NZ:  

  • Real alignment of interest.  
  • Complete transparency.  
  • Capped fees.  No performance fees.
  • Governance and risk management focus.