Global Equities

pathfinder world equity fund

The World Equity Fund is designed to be a core and socially responsible global equity exposure. The fund includes currency management. 

The underlying holdings in the portfolio are US listed ETF's.  These provide significant diversification at very low cost.  The "look through" underlying company exposure will be 500+ stocks from around the globe.  We screen out companies that appear on the NZ Super Fund exclusions list.

Our fund invests in both Developed and Emerging markets and we may over or under weight various sectors, market factors or individual countries.  

For latest pricing please see the monthly report on the home page here.

If you would like a comprehensive explanation of how the fund works please contact Paul or John directly or read the Product Disclosure Statement. Independent research on the fund is also available on request.

For Fund Performance and Holdings please see here: World Equity Fund Performance

Please read the Product Disclosure Statement (which includes an Investment Application Form) below.  

To invest, complete and send us an Application Form, or speak directly to your financial adviser.